Raw Mango draws from the colors, philosophies and cultures of India to create a unique voice, questioning place and perspective through design.

With roots in craft and community, Raw Mango’s relationship with handloom began in 2008 as an investigation of possibilities.

As a design house it continues to create new conversations in textile and culture through a range of saris, garments and objects.

Created with karigars across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Varanasi, Raw Mango’s designs innovate upon century old skills, in pursuit of defining a new aesthetic vocabulary.


Sanjay Garg emerged from an upbringing in the village of Mubarikpur, Rajasthan. As a student of textile design, he developed his unique language in 2008, working in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Garg undertook innovations within the yarn and weaving process to create a new visual vocabulary and weaving interventions which, over a decade later, visually define Chanderi today.

A commitment to experimentation underpins his process, with further explorations in Mashru, Benarasi and Ikat. Always informed by India, Garg constantly engages with established rubric to imagine new possibilities.